Deck Cleaner & House WashStarting point in wood staining is surface preparation – cleaning the surface with a premium cleaner like Olympic Deck Cleaner or Olympic House Wash is critical to a professional-looking finish and long-term durability.

PPG Canada has something new in store for this spring: the Olympic Deck, Fence & Siding Program, positioned at the mid-price point level. To simplify the process of selecting the right product when protecting exterior wood, Olympic has revitalized its line of Stains and Clear Finishes to a 3-in-1 product. Whether it’s a deck, fence, or a siding job, the consumer needs only to choose a colour.

What good is a deck if you don’t have some snazzy, well-protected wood furniture to go with it? This is where Lawrence Genga of TREMCO comes in. Lawrence predicts a great spring for TREMCO’s Penetrating Wood Stain and Clear Finishes, which is the market’s only water-based Exterior Clear Finish. Both products are engineered specifically for small wood care projects on furniture, window frames and doors.

TREMCO offers Varathane Penetrating Wood Stain, an oil-based stain made of linseed oil and alkyd in combination with quality pigments which enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Although this product is recommended for interior wood surfaces, it can be used outdoors on small projects such as deck chairs (but not recommended for decks) if sealed properly with the following finishes:

  • Varathane Crystal Clear Waterborne Diamond Wood Finish (outdoor) provides a transparent, tough, flexible and durable coating and is recommended for use on exterior doors, furniture and boats, with excellent resistance to weathering, water and mild chemicals.
  • The Diamond Wood Finish can be applied over Varathane Elite Diamond Wood Stain®, Varathane Gel Stain and Watco® Danish Oil Finish. Diamond Outdoor Finish may be applied over previously stained or painted surfaces after proper cleaning and preparation.

Great selling features of the Crystal Clear Waterborne Diamond Wood Finish include:

  • excellent exterior durability – twice the performance of oil-based exterior finishes
  • fast dry – dry to handle in one hour
  • excellent toughness and flexibility
  • easy water clean-up
  • excellent gloss retention
  • excellent mildew and marring resistance
  • easy application and recoat
  • good resistance to mild chemicals